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Online Chinese Lessons Delivered to Students at Confucius Institute of DUT

福建农林大学(英文版)   发布时间: 2020-03-16   信息员:

In the evening of March 15(local time), Cyril Ramafossa, president of South Africa issued a statement, declaring a national emergency that involves partially closures of border ports and schools and halting of mass gatherings to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

However, in the next early morning, the teachers of Confucius Institute of FAFU at DUT are popularizing the knowledge of COVID-19 at the teaching center for high school students while the news came that classroom teaching should be halted in that afternoon. To deal with this emergency, students and teachers of Confucius Institute of FAFU at DUT are adjusted immediately to be transitioning from offline classes to online classes to guarantee the normal operation of Confucius Institute to the maximum extent for the demand of students to learn Chinese in coordination with the epidemic prevention measures by South African authorities.

Instruction of COVID-19 prevention  

Online Study, the main teaching way by which teachers and students can be connected easily is applied in Confucius Institute. To help teachers to master this skill, online teaching training and platform testing are taught for all the teachers of FAFU at DUT. In this training, some possible problems in the use of the online live broadcasting platform are discussed. For example, for each teacher in each course, an assistant is supplied to help solve technical problems such as platform operation during live teaching.

Preparation for online lessons  

Instructors teaching students online on how to prevent COVID-19

  Instructors delivering online lectures  

To complete the transformation from offline courses to online courses, teachers should make certain adjustments in teaching design and teaching methods to meet the needs of online courses to ensure teaching quality and achieve teaching objectives.

This online Chinese language teaching is new for teachers and students in the Confucius Institute of FAFU at DUT, which gives full play to the advantages of the online classroom and meets the learning needs of students. To ensure the safety of every teacher and student, Confucius Institute of FAFU at DUT has made full preparations, taken rapid and effective prevention and control measures, paid close attention to the development of the epidemic, turned pressure into power, actively responded to it, and strengthened self-protection awareness to deal with the current situation of the increasingly severe overseas epidemic.


Correspondant/Photogragher: Confucius Institute

Translator: Yang Jinjin,International College

Revision: Huang Jiazhen,International College

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